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22nd July 2024 
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Longcase Clocks. Wise longcase 500

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An early 18th century walnut Long case clock by John Wise of London.
the 8-day movement with countwheel strike.

Made circa 1715

Height 91 inches (232 cm )

Price 15,000

Longcase Clocks. Simcock Prescott 550


An 18th century Mahogany Longcase clock of good colour and proportions.
The trunk with quarter columns, the base with canted angles and a raised panel.
The excellent quality 8-day movement has a brass dial with the makers name signed on a shaped cartouche.

Made circa 1770

Height 88 inches(223.5cm)to the top of the centre finial.

Price 7500

Longcase Clocks. Tuber 800

An early 20th century Tubular chime Long case clock.
The good quality weight driven German made movement has a Dead-beat escapement, maintaining power and beat adjustment.
The quarter chiming mechanism has a tune selector to the arch of the dial and can be set to play Westminster, St. Michael or Whittington chimes on Tubular bells.
There are also chime and strike silent levers to the nine & three O`clock positions.
These levers allow the mechanism to quarter chime only with no hour strike, or Hour strike only with no quarter chime.
But of course full quarter and hour strike can be played together if the lever are set to the appropriate positions, or no chime or strike at all.
The movement has been fully serviced and is in fine working order.
The dial is in good condition with the original gilding & silvering, and is signed with the retailers name J. W .Benson London.
The dial plate measures 26.5 cm x 37 cm so much smaller than other clocks of a similar design making this example much rarer.
Additionally the total height of the case is only 211cm

The Mahogany case has detailed panels to the front, and also the sides of the base.
The sides of the trunk also have bevelled edge glasses which allow more light in to the case so you can see the polished tubular bells, weights and pendulum more easily, making this a visually more attractive clock.
There are also chamfered angles to the trunk and base with blind fretwork, frets to the sides of the hood, and blind fretwork to the arch of the hood.
It should be noted that Tubular chiming long case clocks are usually much larger than this example.
This has a smaller dial, and therefore the case has corresponding smaller proportions.

Made circa 1920.

Height 83 inches (211cm)

Longcase Clocks. Movement from right side 1200MOVEMENT OF THE TUBULAR CHIME LONG CASE CLOCK

Longcase Clocks. Month reg 1300a

An exceptional quality English Regulator

A rare Month going Longcase regulator of small proportions.
The highly figured and well patinated Mahogany case with brass stop fluted reeded columns to the shallow arched hood.
The substantially made month going movement has stop-work and maintaining power, jewelled Dead Beat escapement, and the very rare use of a steel escape wheel.
All wheels with 5 spoke crossings and high count pinions.
The escape and pallet pivot holes jewelled, and with jewelled endstones.
The rest of the train with endplates.
The movement clearly produced by the same maker supplying famous names such as Mudge & Dutton etc.
The rare zinc and steel gridiron pendulum rod with a substantial bob and calibrated adjustment, operating behind the original glazed interior panels. ( An exceptionally rare feature )
The "exceptionally heavy" well constructed case stands 77.5 inches.
The 10 inch dial signed Perigall & Duterreau.
The movement shown in the next image down.
Price 45,000

Movement image below

Longcase Clocks. month movement

A fine quality Month duration Regulator of exceptional quality

Longcase Clocks. 3 Month regulator Sold3-MONTH DURATION

A stunning late 18th/early 19th century long case regulator.
The mahogany case of unusual style,is very elegant.
Not only is the complex construction of the case unusual, but the movement is also long duration running for approximately 3-months.
The 12 inch re-painted dial is signed H.Alpen South Street.
No record of the maker can be found in any of the usual reference books,so the name on the dial could be a later user as is quite often the case on clocks used as shop / workshop regulators.
What is very clear is that this is a very "Rare" clock, of unusual design and Duration.

Height 73.5 inches (187cm) plus the small pagoda and finial
Price SOLD

Longcase Clocks. Grandaughter clock

An Early 20th century weight driven Grandaughter style clock.
The mahogany case has a gradrooned pagoda top and blind fretwork.
The quality 3-train quarter chiming movement sounds on coiled gongs which have an excellent tone.
The weights are brass cased and the pendulun has a wood rod with a cylindrical bob.
The movement with the makers stamp for Elliott`s

Height 69 inches(175.2cm)

Made circa 1920



Longcase Clocks. Month Quare Sold

Daniel Quare London

A particularly fine late 17th century Walnut & Marquetry Long case clock.
The high quality marquetry case of superb proportions with panels to the trunk door.
The "Month" duration movement of the excellent quality, and originality, typical of Daniel Quare`s highest productions, having thick plates and finely finned pillars.
The 11 inch dial signed to the chapter ring.

Height 6` 9" (205 cm)

Price SOLD

Longcase Clocks. Lacquer 576


A good proportioned lacquered Longcase clock with original decorations and not totally repainted as many are.
The 8-day movement has a brass dial with strike / silent to the arch and an arched cartouche bearing the makers name to the matted centre.
Made circa 1770

Height 94 inches ( 239cm )